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Lola Dinosaur Romper

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Rawr! This adorable Dinosaur Romper is perfect for babies and toddlers who love pouncing and roaring around the house. If the little one in your life is already acting like a little bit of a monster, you should make sure that they are dressed for the part!  


For those looking for a wonderful little outfit for any baby or child,this will set them apart. The Dinosaur Romper will undoubtedly leave a hilarious impression on everyone around them. The romper comes in both blue and pink, so you can dress your dinosaur-loving little boy or girl. 

PREMIUM COMFORT: Dress your tiny dinosaur in this comfortable 100% cotton romper. It has been extensively tested for safety and is certified as quality fabric.
UNIQUE DESIGN: It’s not every day your little one gets to embrace their inner dinosaur. Bring their imagination to life by dressing them up in this cute Dino outfit.
ALL-SEASON WEAR: Let your tiny one be a dinosaur all year long. This light but long-sleeve outfit can be worn in winter or in summer as the fabric is breathable.
  • Long-sleeve, Hooded Jumpsuit
  • Soft Cotton Blend
  • Machine Wash Safe
  • Suitable for All Seasons
  • Two Available Colors: Pink and Gray
  • Range of Sizes: from 3 to 18 months