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Antler Wine Stopper

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  • Material: Resin, Cork
  • Deer Size: 11 x 3cm (L x W)
  • Cork Height: 3cm

So many of us want something exciting, rustic, fun, and unique to add an element of charm to our home decor repertoire; these antlers allow us to do that.

The deer antlers themselves are made from resin; they are 11 cm x 3 cm in size, with the cork contributing 3 cm in height.

The Rustic charm of this creative wine stopper will make an exceptional contribution to any home’s collection of tools and wares.

When it comes to a wine stopper, why not do something unique, bold, and different than those to which you are accustomed? Making tiny differences like this can be instrumental in allowing one to find a sense of ownership in their home decor & design ability.