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Vintage Macrame Plant Hanger

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Nestled in rope and carefully harnessed into a safe state of hanging, your potted plants have likely never had such a unique way of existing in the home. This suspended plant hanger can replace large shelving units and tables in finding an inventive way to keep your plants at eye-level while taking up as little surface area as possible.  

Style: Vintage
Hanging Baskets
Material: Jute Rope
Length: Approx.92cm/36.22"
Ring Diameter: Approx.4cm/1.57" 

Vintage to the core, the jute rope plant hanger is specifically designed to hold baskets and pots of flowers at a preferred height level and add an evocative element to your home or place of business.

The rope descends from the ceiling and is nearly 1 meter in length, with the space reserved for the basket or pot of plants or flowers making up the bottom portion of that rope. Despite the bold statement made by this hanger, this item can blend into a variety of environments and atmospheres.