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Nordic Woods Wall Decals

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  • Nordic Style
  • Vinyl PVC
  • Sticker Wall Decals
  • 32 pieces


Fun, cute, and creative; this set of Nordic woods wall decals is folk art at its best. Several types of trees, moose, foxes, bears, leaves, acorns, and other plant life, such as flowers and stumps, are depicted. The wall decals are also available in either a black color scheme or one that is primarily light gray.

A set of these temporary PVC wall decals includes 32 pieces; most of the designs are entirely different from each other, though some are quite similar and others are basically identical.

These decals work well in the bedrooms of children and infants because they are so playful and fun, but they also work in any room in a house that is meant to have a creative and lighthearted feel to it.