Luxe™ Schwarz - Silverware Set
Luxe™ Schwarz - Silverware Set
Luxe™ Schwarz - Silverware Set
Luxe™ Schwarz - Silverware Set
Luxe™ Schwarz - Silverware Set
Luxe™ Schwarz - Silverware Set

Luxe™ Schwarz - Silverware Set

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The perfect cutlery set for that special occasion. Combining premium materials and modern elegant design, the Luxe™ Silverware Set is the perfect gift for your loved ones and durable enough to be used daily.


Inspired by the monarchies of the ancient Mediterranean empires where gold was the material of choice for eating utensils, the Luxe™ dinnerware series was designed with the same prestige and luxury in mind. 

The silverware sets, with longer handles and heavier weight, creates a refined dining experience and feeling in hand. Ergonomic design and aesthetically pleasing lines elevate the food being served and the entire dining experience. 

The Luxe™ dinnerware series was created for those who enjoy the finer things in life, as well as those who appreciate food as a form of art

SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: Bold colors, daring contrasts, elongated handles, and sleek curved lines all combine to create a modern elegant aesthetic.

ERGONOMIC SHAPES: Each piece is designed and shaped based on how the hand interacts with it, creating a comfortable hold.

PREMIUM DURABILITY: Only the most durable and rust resistant premium stainless steel is used. (18/10) This set will not easily bend.

DAZZLE YOUR GUESTS: Elevate the dining experience and dazzle your guests. Perfect for your home, weddings, corporate events, restaurants and every outing where you are aiming to impress.


  • Luxurious Modern Chic Style
  • 100% High Quality 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • Polymer coated handle
  • Hand washing recommended 
  • 1 Person Set: 1 x Spoon, 1 x Fork, 1 x Knife, 1 x Tea Spoon
  • 4 Person Set (with Gift Box): 4 x Spoon, 4 x Fork, 4 x Knife, 4 x Tea Spoon, 1x Wooden Gift Box



  • Handwashing will offer the greatest long-term protection for these cutlery sets
  • Dry immediately after washing
  • Avoid citrus or any acidic detergents
  • Use the dishwasher at your own risk. If you must, do so at low heat and place handle side down


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