Neon Night Lights

Neon Night Lights

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Important: Batteries not included

Looking for a dynamic spark in your room or the room of your little one? Look no further than our assorted collection of electrifying and eye-catching neon night lights. Portable and durable, it's the perfect gift! Available in 11 fun shapes - which one will you choose?


Add a touch of electric lighting to your space with these bold, portable, and retro night lights. Not only will they light up your space, but they will add a wow factor to your space. This product is designed to appeal to the daring and unique. Easy to operate, easy to look at, and easy to take advantage of the fantastic price this night light is being sold at; really, this deal just makes sense.

ACCENT LIGHTING: The vibrant night light adds an element of dynamic style to any room. With its bright neon LED bulb, you will bring the fun nightlife to your space.

BATTERY LIFE: This neon night light has a built-in battery box which requires 3 AA batteries.

PORTABLE LIGHTING: It is so compact you can take it with you anywhere and makes moving it from room to room that much easier.

  • Lightweight and Portable Design
  • Available in 11 Designs: Pink Heart, Pineapple, Pink Flamingo, White Lightning, Green Christmas Tree, White Unicorn, Pink Angel, Pentagram Star, Green Cactus, White Music Note, White Moon.
  • High Quality LED Bulb
  • Dimensions:
    • Pink Heart - 30.5x20x10 cm (12x7.9x4 in)
    • Pineapple - 32.5x16x10 cm (12.8x6.3x4 in)
    • Pink Flamingo - 31.5x14x10 cm (12.5x5.5x4 in)
    • White Lightning - 31x12x10 cm (12.2x4.7x4 in)
    • White Unicorn - 30x25x10 cm (11.8x9.8x4 in)
    • Pink Angel - 30x23x10 cm (11.8x9x4 in)
    • Pentagram Star - 31x19x10 cm (12.2x7.5x4 in)
    • Green Cactus - 20x14x10 cm (7.8x5.5x4 in)
    • White Music Note - 27x18x10 cm (10.6x7x4 in)
    • White Moon - 31.5x18x10 cm (12.4x7x4 in)
    • Green Christmas Tree - 27x18x10 cm (10.6x7.1x4 in)
  • Voltage: DC 0-5 W, 4.5-5V
  • Requires 3 x AA battery (not included)