Vinte™ - Full Iron Set
Vinte™ - Full Iron Set
Vinte™ - Full Iron Set
Vinte™ - Full Iron Set

Vinte™ - Full Iron Set

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With a rustic and bohemian vibe, our line Vinte™ kitchenware series is both durable and visually appealing. Each bump and scratch only adds to the character of each piece. Through years of use, your pieces will develop its own personality. The perfect line for the utilitarian.

The Vinte™ collection draws inspiration from the beauty of the aged. The name "Vinte" is derived from Old Portuguese, which stems from the Latin term, vīgintī, meaning two decades. Made with premium materials and detailed handcraftsmanship, we aimed to create a line of kitchenware that conveys a modern aesthetic while paying tribute to the past.

  • Material: Iron Craft
  • Quantity: 9 Piece Set


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