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Art and Interior

Cactus Wall Decals

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  • Modern Style
  • Paper Sticker
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 5 x 11cm
  • 8 Styles x 2 of each = 16 Cactus set
  • 8 Styles x 4 of each = 32 Cactus set

Fun, imaginative, and undeniably creative- these groovy cactus wall decals are ready to spruce up any space in your house that may need an affordable injection of personality.

Whether the room in a question is a child's space or just a low-key spot for people of any and all ages, these wall decals are an optimal element of a cool, refined decor.

Using these 5 x 11 cm decals, one no longer has to paint and repaint, use wallpaper, or worry about making permanent impressions on the wall. Plus, they are just as easy to take off as they are to put on!

With eight styles and two opposing color schemes, if you want to bring a touch of the desert into your home (without the oppressive heat), this is one wise way to do so.