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Chic Brown Cork Coasters

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Funky, fun, and all sorts of interesting! These crafted cork items are a lot more than just placemats, making a huge contribution to the aesthetic character of any kitchenware collection. Built from sturdy cork and wood, these will last a long time; their durability is as impressive as their timeless charm! 

  • Material: Wood, Cork
  • Round Shape
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Chic & Novelty Style
  • Diameter: 17.5cm

When we want to spruce things up a little in the kitchen, but are happy with the concept as a whole, quirky additions like these 17.5 cm cork wood mats are a convenient way to make an immediate shift towards style. 

So often, our kitchenware thoughts focus on plates and utensils, often neglecting the actual surfaces that we are using to serve our meals on- to both guests and ourselves. Sophisticated in the silliest sense of the word, the refreshing dash of novelty at the core of these mats is truly admirable.