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Clear Terrarium Vase

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Important: Plants not included

The Clear Terrarium Vase is sure to enhance the entire style profile of a room and offer something unique, eccentric, and elegant. Each model in this quirky & cool series of wall-mounted plant holders is able to keep your decorative greens and flowers alive and healthy.


The Clear Terrarium Vase is made for the individual who can appreciate uncommon décor trends. This minimalistic wall vase is a must-have for plant and designer lovers alike. These unique vases retain an element of simple sophistication and is so decorative that one may forget it serves a practical purpose: keeping plants healthy and blooming within a home. Our hydroponic glass vases create the perfect place to display fresh flowers, plants or other decorative items. Each of these vases is incredibly classy and sophisticated

MINIMALISTIC DESIGN: Our unique vase will flaunt your rootless plants and will bring life to any wall space. A unique product like this, appeals to anyone who appreciates the undeniable charm of unconventional decorative vases.

UNIQUE WALL DÉCOR: Add this one-of-a-kind wall vases and liven up your space with a subtle touch of greenery and a hint of stylish décor. Each shape will work well on its own or in partnership with others in the series.

PREMIUM MATERIALS: Made from sturdy and shatter resistant clear acrylic glass, these terrarium vases are a perfect example of the age of unbridled creativity we live within-- as far as the world of decor goes.


• Minimalism Design
• Wall-Mounted Vase
• Hand Blown Glass
• Shatter Resistant Acrylic Glass
• Available in Five Designs: Clover, Heart, Cylinder, Triangle, Round
• Dimensions Vary: Clover (12x12cm/4.8x4.8in), Heart (12x13cm/4.8x5.2in), Cylinder (15x8cm/15.9x3.2in), Triangle (18x8cm/7.1x3.2in), Round (12x12cm/4.8x4.8in)
• Plants Not Included