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Devil Wine Glass with Built in Drinking Tube Straw

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Every wine lover around the world wants just one thing - to relax or unwind with a glass of wine at the end of a long day. But can we really relax or lie back with the regular wine glasses we get in the market? Not really. Plus, there's the added disadvantage that regular wine drinkers face - staining. Whether it's on your teeth or lips, red wine leaves a stain. And if, while searching for that completely comfortable posture to relax in, you drop a bit on your clothes, red wine is sure to leave a very bad stain.

This vampire wine glass looks like it belongs in the devil's hand, and it is a revolutionary new way to enjoy the well-balanced aromas and flavor of your wine.

  • Funny wine gift for every wine lover, functional wine glass
  • Added Benefit: Keeps teeth stain free, Enhances flavors with a unique design
  • Arrives Safely: Individually wrapped in a strong box, no need to worry
  • Sturdy and durable glass
  • High-quality glass
  • Holds 10 ounces, lead-free, hand wash
  • Glass Dimensions in Inches: 4.52" Glass Height, 4.72 Glass Height, 2.2" Glass Rim Size
  • Glass Dimensions in centimeters: 11.5cm Glass Height, 12cm Straw Height, 5.5cm Glass Rim size
  • Approximate Capacity: 300ml or 1.26 US
  • CupColor: Clear
  • Great gift for birthdays, office, baby shower, moms, women, teachers, housewarming
  • Shipping weight: 16 Ounces