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Elephant Plush Toy

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The Elephant Plush Toy is extra soft, extra cuddly, and extra large, it is perfect for your larger-than-life children. This stuffed animal admirably combines comfort with cuteness. Give your child the pure joy of spending time cuddling a big, beautiful elephant.


This plush elephant toy is perfect for all babies, toddlers, and young children; it is large, cuddly, and can be a plush toy that they genuinely grow into. Completely constructed of cotton, the 60 cm (23 inch) size of this elephant plush toy is what sets it apart from so many other plush toys. These plush elephants are available in five different colors, pick your kids favorite color and watch them cherish it. Give your little one a new friend that they can hug and cuddle with every day.

LARGE TEDDY: It’s not every day your little one gets to embrace their favorite animal. Bring their imagination to life by giving them an adorable friend they can cuddle all day.

VARITY OF COLORS: These elephants come in a classic gray color, yellow, pink, purple, and blue. Something about pink and purple elephants is so undeniably attractive and adorable.

PREMIUM COMFORT: Cotton is used as the exterior as well as the filling, creating an incredibly cute stuffed animal which is durable and comfortable enough for kids to enjoy fully.

  • Adorable Stuffed Elephant
  • For Ages 2 and Older
  • 100% Soft Plush Cotton
  • Four Available Colors: Gray, Blue, Yellow, Pink, & Purple
  • Stands approximately 60 cm (23 inches) Tall