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Luxe™ White - Chopsticks Set

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The perfect chopsticks for that special occasion. Made with high quality stainless steel and a hollow interior, these chopsticks are extremely durable yet light enough to allow for effortless precision. Combining premium materials and modern elegant design, the Luxe™ Chopsticks Set will perfectly match the rest of your Luxe™ kitchenware sets.  


Inspired by the monarchies of the ancient Mediterranean empires where gold was the material of choice for eating utensils, the Luxe™ Chopstick Set was designed with the same prestige and luxury in mind. These chopsticks create a refined dining experience and will elevate the food and atmosphere.

SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: Elegant colors, daring gold design, and sleek lines all combine to create a modern elegant aesthetic.

ERGONOMIC SHAPES: Each chopstick is designed and shaped based on how the hand interacts with it, creating a comfortable hold.

DAZZLE YOUR GUESTS: Elevate the dining experience and dazzle your guests. Perfect for your home, weddings, corporate events, and every occasion where you are aiming to impress.


• Luxurious Modern Chic Style
• Set of Five Chopsticks
• 100% High Quality Stainless Steel
• Gold Mirror Polishing
• Dishwasher Safe

Due to extremely high demand, this product will ship directly from our manufacturing partners. Please note that it may take 2-4 weeks to arrive at your door.

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