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Luxurious Pinch Pleat Bedding Set - Purple

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EMBROIDERED SOFTNESS: Soft, warm, breathable & hypoallergenic. With this design they are stronger and more durable than cotton, the materials are processed to protect against any shrinkage after washing.

COMFORTABLE: Embroidered duvet cover set is designed to resist wrinkles and pilling, staying like-new through many machine wash cycles. Strong and durable, yet luxuriously soft, duvet cover offers all the advantages of standard cotton duvet covers, with at less cost and more durability!

CONVENIENT: Duvet covers stay on the duvet and function like sheets - they absorb moisture and dirt, protecting the duvet itself so you can easily strip just the cover off and wash it.

  • Pinch pleat embroidered design
  • 500 Thread Count
  • 133 x 72 Fabric Density
  • Polyester and Cotton Blend

Size Info:

    Quilt cover *1  150x200cm
    Pillowcase *1 50x70cm

    Quilt cover *1  173x218cm
    pillowcase *1 50x70cm

    Quilt cover *1 200x230cm
    Pillowcase *2 50x70cm

    Quilt cover *1 228x228cm
    Pillowcase *2 51x91cm

   Quilt cover *1 260x228cm
   Pillowcase *2 51x91cm

   Quilt cover *1 200x200cm
   Pillowcase *2  50x70cm

   Quilt cover *1 220x240cm
   Pillowcase *2 50x70cm