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Pom Pom Newborn Blanket

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  • Unisex
  • Newborn - 12 months
  • Dot Pattern
  • Soft Yarn
  • 40-55 x 50-55cm
  • Cotton, Wool
This pom pom blanket for newborns is the epitome of adorable; the only thing that sweeter is- of course- the beloved infants lucky enough to rest within the warmth of this lovely cover. Pom pom blankets are quaint, cute, beautiful, and- more importantly than anything else- extremely comfortable.

Understandably, these features have made this blanket beloved by babies!

A sweet comforter which works for all newborns- regardless of biological sex- Even though many babies will begin to ‘grow out’ of the blanket after about 12 months, this cute cover can still be used as a secondary blanket or ‘casual’ warmer, in conjunction with another, as babies won't stop loving this cotton wool recipe for comfort!