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Storm Prediction Glass

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Once found in every tiny coastal community throughout British Empire’s island colonies, storm prediction glasses are once again becoming a common element in everyday homes-- not just for their practical purpose, but for the mystical appearance that they bring to the table. 

  • Material: Glass & Crystal
  • Storm & Weather Predictor
  • Size:
    Small no Base: 12 x 6 cm
    Small with Base: 12 x 6 cm
    Medium with Base: 18 x 8 cm
    Large with Base: 20 x 10 cm

There are four available variations of this tear-shaped glass & crystal decoration. These exciting eye-catchers grab the attention of guests, help define the design of a given room, and even inform you on upcoming weather patterns.

Yes, these marvelous contraptions can still perform their essential function of predicting future storms. Storm prediction glasses make for fantastic gifts, since they inspire conversations and curiosity while also contributing beauty and class to the profile of any room.